Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Great White Wonder Stamps

I've gotten a couple e-mails about this rubber stamp business on "Great White Wonder", so I went looking for this sheet that I made up a long time ago. It was in a folder with a lot of other stuff from when Vesta and I were kids. Here it is, the three incarnations of the GWW stamp. Of course, there are more, because the record was widely copied.

The first one is my first copy of the one Dub and I did together. I had one of the originals, but we were selling so many that I wanted more, so two or more people could stamp at once. As I said in my last post, Bob didn't get them right. The bottom one is the original. The top one is thicker and the middle one is similar to the top one, but the lettering isn't as thick.

If you look at the bottom one you can see it's a similar font, I didn't know what a font was back then, the serifs extend outward, rather than straight down. If you have a record with one of the top two stamps, especially the top one, you've got something very rare, because hardly any got out.

Still, it goes without saying, any copy, especially the gatefold ones, are rare and I hope this clears it all up.

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