Friday, April 16, 2010

Vesta and I were in a Goodwill store, looking for bargains, books and baubles when I spied this way cool toaster. It looked both retro and from the future, something George Jetson might use. It was a T-Fal Avante High Speed Elite.


I had to have this. Besides, our old toaster, a pretty cool looking red Kitchen Aid guy, was on it’s last legs. Plus, the left side of the toaster only toasted the toast on the left side, so you got one side toast and one side hot bread.


Still it looked pretty cool on our retro round kitchen table.


So, not only did I have to have this toaster because it looked like it had just landed from a futuristic retro restaurant, but I needed it. After all, who likes their sourdough toast toasted only on one side. Of course, once you piled on the penut butter you hardly noticed. But I knew, besides you didn’t get the crunch.

And this toaster looked brand spanking new. There was no price tag on it, so I scooped it up, found a guy who worked there and he confirmed it was new and it was $14.99.

“Great,” I said. We bought it, took it home and in the morning I put in four slices of sourdough, two for me, two for Vesta. And woe of woes. The two slots on the right don’t stay down. I can hold it down and it cooks, but who in their right mind wants to hold their toast down every morning while it’s cooking.

Sure the left side works, so in reality we’re better off than before, because now we get two slices completely cooked, but it just chaps my hide that I can’t four get slices cooked at once.

I went on line and Target sells this baby for $69.99. And they sell a two slice version for $49.99. I can take it back and get my $14.99 back. Which would probably be stupid. So, what’s a Jujuwalker to do? Keep it or not? I guess it all depends on whether or not I can live with a chapped hide.


  1. Like my pops always said, "eat it you little pecker, don't you know there are children starving down the block?" I always wanted to say "can I walk it down to 'em so's they don't have to starve anymore?" but being that I grew up in a neighborhood where a 5 bedroom home was slumming it' I kept my mouth shut in fear of a chapped ass! Keep the toaster, it does look tits.